Looking for a small quiet town to live in with world class amenities nearby, you may have found it in Morocco Indiana.  Morocco was founded in 1851 and believed to  be named after a traveler's red Moroccan boots.  Morocco is located just west of the intersection of US 41 and Indiana 114.  We are located about 70 miles from Chicago and 115 miles from Indianapolis.  Purdue University is 50 miles south and Indiana University Northwest is 50 miles to the north.  All of these amenities are easily accessed by either Interstate 65 or US 41.  




Newton County Recycling

Press Release

Newton County Recycling

The Push to Keep Recycling Clean

 When people think recycling The Three R’s come to mind – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  The popular phrase now has another letter to accompany The Three R’s which is the letter C.  The letter C stands for CLEAN.  Due to industry changes regarding contamination of recycled items diligence to the CLEAN process prior to placing recyclable items into any recycling container is crucial.  The suggested clean process on best recycling practices is Empty, Clean, and Dry. 

Empty - Remove any remaining food or liquid contents before placing it in a recycling container.

Clean - Lightly rinse the recyclable item to remove any remaining residue.

Dry - Gently shake out excess water or let the recyclable item air dry before placing in a recycling container.

Items that are not properly disposed of are considered contaminated and are not recyclable. Any contaminated items ending up in the recycling containers then contaminate the entire container.  Keep in mind the following items are


Diapers               Garden Hoses

Shoes                  Clothing

Yard waste                   Plastic bags

Aerosol Cans     Shredded Paper

Aluminum Foil    Batteries

Food Waste        Mirrors/Ceramics

Stickers               Address Labels

Styrofoam           Tissues

Paper Towels     Napkins

For additional information on recycling in Newton County, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A new service provided by the Town of Morocco allows you to pay your utilities online using a credit card.  It's secure and easy. PayGov charges a small convenience fee to use this service. Try it today by clicking here.



The Town of Morroco's Water Department 2020 Consumer Confidence Report is online. This brochure is a snapshot of the quality of the drinking water that we provided last year.