November 5, 2018

Bob Gonczy opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.  Board Members present were Rick McCann, Duke Gagnon and Clerk Treasurer Sherri Rainford. Town employees, Casey Ehlinger, Melissa Pass, and Dustin Gary were also in attendance. Also in coming Town Board Member Scott Hivley was in attendance.

Turning Change into Opportunity

  • MCO report- Being made a part of these minutes.
  • The adoption Public Hearing on the OCRA Water Wastewater Grant Project started at 7:05p.m. Shaun Cain led the Public Hearing. She explained the project to the Public.  There was no public comment. Rick made a motion to close the hearing at 7:06p.m. Duke seconded. Motion passed 3-0.
  • Bob attended the KIRPC meeting. There is a grant called a Blight Grant. This is where the Town can get funds to purchase a building in bad shape, tear it down and clean it up. There is a 10% match.
  • MCO contract for 2019. Rick made a motion to accept the contract and Duke seconded. 2-1.
  • The Jasper Newton County Foundation awarded the match for the NCCS building.
  • Duke wants to add the Rieck house to the list of houses that needed brought up to code.
  • Barney and Jo Alice Belt want a street light on Beaver St. The cost is $3800. We are tabling it until next week.




Clerk Treasurer: (Sherri Rainford)

  • Bob made a motion to approve the November claims. Rick seconded. Motion passed 3-0.
  • Rick made a motion to approve the minutes from the October meeting. Duke seconded. Motion passed 3-0.


Street Department – Casey

  • Casey thanks the guys for all the fast response on the tree clean up due to the wind storm.
  • We found a tree.
  • Working on lights this week.
  • Plow on pick up is being worked on.
  • Goddard’s tree on West St. They think it is dead. Bob said that West St. is not a Town Street. Rick told them that they can get proposal and come to the meeting and we can come to a compromise.



Town Marshal- Report to be submitted.

  • Halloween was a success. Weather was great.
  • Neighbor dispute on Beaver. She has filed for a restraining order.


Town Attorney: (Becky Goddard)

  • Jennifer Molden lawsuit has been filed. She has been served. She has 20 days to respond.
  • Tax properties are being worked on.


  • Last month we tabled the golf cart ordinance. We will table the Ordinance again for the December meeting.




Planning Commission (David Hoaks)

Bob Steele contacted David about siding his garage and boxing in his car port in. The car port is not up to pitch code. David refused to give him a permit because of the pitch of the roof. Rick would like him to bring the south side of the garage up to code. Leave the north side alone.

David is starting to fine people for having chickens.

Donation Requests:

  • None

New Business:

Next meeting is on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

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Robert Gonczy                           Rick McCann                                    Duke Gagnon