February 5, 2018

Bob Gonczy opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.  Board Members present were Bob Gonczy, Rick McCann, Duke Gagnon and Clerk Treasurer Sherri Rainford. Town Marshal Dustin Gary was also in attendance and Casey Ehlinger.

Turning Change into Opportunity

  • MCO presented the Board with a monthly report.
  • The Morocco Homecoming has been changed to the Beaver Fest. We have lots of fun and exciting things happening. It is Memorial Day weekend. Our next meeting February 26 at 4:00p.m. at the Town Hall.
  • Bob attended the Utility Board meeting in January. He discussed leak adjustments and capping of the sewer and not paying sewer debt. The Utility Board is going to be coming to The Town Board and make recommendations on these issues.

Clerk Treasurer: (Sherri Rainford)

  • Duke made a motion to approve the January claims. Rick seconded. Motion passed 3-0.
  • Rick made a motion to approve the minutes from the January meeting. Duke seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Town Marshal

  • Report to be submitted.
  • Dustin cannot go into detail about the recent homicide. He will release information when he is able to do so. Dustin said that there is no threat to Morocco or its citizens.

Town Attorney: (Becky Goddard)

Becky brought the Board some amendments on the nuisance ordinances, They are as follows:  burning trash, trash on streets and alleys, accumulation of junk and other substances, accumulation of junk vehicles, abandonment of junk vehicles, dumping and accumulation of trash, spitting on the sidewalks. Rick made a motion to accept the Ordinances that were presented by Becky.  Duke second. Motion passed 3-0.These will need to be published for two weeks.

The Newton County Community Services Building is almost paid off. Becky will look into what we need to do.

Planning Commission

There are two properties that we need to address. One is the old hotel and the old Castongia building.


Donation Request-

North Newton Babe Ruth- Rick made a motion to donate $150 Duke seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

North Newton Retirement Homes- We will purchase gravel and our guys will spread it.

Rick made a motion to approve the donations. Duke seconded. Motion passed 3-0.


Next meeting is on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

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Robert Gonczy                           Rick McCann                                    Duke Gagnon