February 4, 2019

Bob Gonczy opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.  Board Members present were Duke Gagnon, Scott Hivley, Treasurer Sherri Rainford, and Town Employee Brian Vanderwall was also in attendance.


Turning Change into Opportunity

  • Water Tower Project- We got a check from the County today for $500,000 for the Water Tower. We have executed the contract from KIRPC. We are going to bid the Project as a Part A and a Part B. We only going to advertise for the tank. It will be sent to the paper tomorrow. The bid opening with be on March 5 at 5:00p.m. We will set a Special Meeting on March 17. Sherri will advertise. We will start in June.
  • Blight Project-Shawn also brought the application for the Blight project. Gerry White will be contacting us reguarding a site visit. We can’t move forward until we are awarded the grant.
  • Masonic Lodge- Dan has prepared the resolution for the Mason’s to sign. Then they will be able to execute the warranty deed.
  • CCR- The application was submitted today.
  • Parsons Property- Bob will reach out.
  • Home Lots- The survey has been recorded. The split has been done. Becky has prepared a purchase agreement. We will need to call a special meeting.
  • Town Hall Project- We worked out a deal with Economic Development. They are putting in business offices in the old Town Hall. The Town Board has waived the building permit fees. They started construction this past Monday.
  • We have several options for a Town Hall. Sherri would like to stay at 208 E. State St. Duke would like to move the Town Hall to the old Masonic Lodge. Scott and Bob would like to build a new Town Hall. Bob would like to meet with the County Economic Commission when we have a plan.
  • Up Town Lights- Still going
  • HAM Radio- Has checked with the County on purchasing Peony Patch and they don’t want to give up. They need two acres to put up a building and have fund raisers.
  • MCO report- Is being submitted


Clerk Treasurer’s Report

  • Scott made a motion to approve the January claims and Duke seconded. Motion passed 3-0.
  • Scott made a motion to approve the January 2020 minutes. Duke seconded. Motion passed 3-0.


Town Marshal- Report to be submitted

  • Report submitted

Town Attorney: (Becky Goddard)


Planning Commission:

Scott Deneau from the Planning Commssion said that there is a contractor in Town that is not getting proper permits or inspection. David Hoaks also said he is not being called for inspections. Scott recommended to the Board that we do not issue anymore permits until the contractors have a sit down with the Board.


New Business:

Donation request for the Spartan Babe Ruth for $150. Duke made a motion to give $150 and Scott seconded. Motion passed. 3-0.

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Robert Gonczy                           Duke Gagnon                       Scott Hivley