Morocco Town Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m. Attending the meeting were Board Members Scott Hivley and Duke Gagnon. Clerk Treasurer Sherri Rainford, Town employees Dustin Gary and Brian Vanderwall were also in attendance.

Town Council

  • Kevin Madison attended the meeting. In September he had taken down the old hotel for us. We had an agreement with Kevin that he would take the hotel down and the Morocco Economic Development would deed the property over to him. Kevin decided to not have the property deeded over to him and he submitted an invoice in the amount of $31,500.00. Duke asked Kevin if he would reconsider. He asked how quickly he could get the property. Becky stated no later than August 3. Kevin said he would talk it over with his wife and let Becky know tomorrow what his decision is. Duke told Kevin that the original amount that was talked about was $20,000. If Kevin decided not to have the property deeded over to him then that is the maximum the town will pay. He will need to submit another invoice that is itemized.
  • Josh and Chae Yoder attended the meeting. They wanted to let the board know that they were still interested in bringing the Pop Warner practice fields to Morocco. It was not going to be able to happen this year, but they look forward to working with the board next year.
  • Cold Storage building is almost completed.
  • Brian said they should be starting on the shop roof soon.
  • The Morocco American Legion submitted a donation request for $11,914.00. This is for a new computer scoring system. Scott made a motion to table this donation and Duke seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  • We had a donation request from the North Newton Athletics’. Duke made a motion to be a hole sponsor like we did last year. Scott seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  • MCO Report is a part of these minutes.

Clerk Treasurer

  • Scott made a motion to approve the minutes from the June 2021 meeting. Duke seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  • Scott made a motion to approve the claims from June. Duke seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  • Dustin has 200 vacation hours. The employee handbook says that you cannot carry over more than 2 weeks. He will be getting more hours on August 1. Dustin would like to be paid for the vacation time instead of having to take it. He is having a hard time getting people to cover when he is gone. Becky said we could do this with a 2021 salary amendment. Scott made a motion to pay Dustin and Duke seconded. Motion passed 2-0. Sherri will prepare a salary amendment for next meeting.


Town Marshal

  • Dustin submitted his monthly report to the Board. A copy is being attached to the minutes.
  • Dustin would like the fireworks ordinance revamped. He brought several examples to the meeting. Duke directed him to write something up and bring it back to the next meeting.
  • Also, we had an issue in Recher Park with a metal detector. The ordinance we have is very vague. Becky is going to work on it.
  • Dustin would also like a dog kennel. He sometimes must hold dogs or cats if the shelter is closed. Duke made a motion to purchase a dog kennel and Scott seconded. Motion passed 2-0.

Town Attorney Becky Goddard

  • Becky would like the Town to form a Redevelopment Commission. She said this will be easier for selling the lots on West St. This will move the project forward quicker. Duke will also reach out to Tim and see if Bill Rowe is still interested. Duke and Scott thought that was a good idea and Becky will bring back more details next meeting.
  • Becky asked the board if the wanted to release the US Rubber lawsuit. Scott and Duke both agreed not to.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30p.m. 

Respectfully submitted.


Sherri Rainford


Robert Gonczy

Duke Gagnon


Scott Hivley