June 4, 2019

Bob Gonczy opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.  Board Members present were Scott Hivley, and Treasurer Sherri Rainford. Town employees, Casey Ehlinger, and Dustin Gary were also in attendance.

Turning Change into Opportunity

  • Community Crossroads Grant- Open bid on June 28. Award on July 2nd. We will start to have bids coming in.
  • The Wastewater Grant – The Board has decided to add $5000 to the local match and take some of the soft cost items off the grant. They feel that this will get us more points on the application and improve our chances of getting the grant. We also have a Public Hearing on Wednesday, June 26 at 5:00p.m.
  • Well Head Protection- Aaron will have a meeting on Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00p.m. at the Town Hall.
  • The Board advised Sherri to send an invoice to Dennis McElfresh for using the Town’s stone while doing a project for us.



Clerk Treasurer’s Report

  • Scott made a motion to approve the May claims and Bob seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  • Scott made a motion to approve the May 15, 2019 minutes. Bob seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  • Scott had some questions on a few claims. Sherri pulled the claims and Scott signed off on them.


Street Department – Casey

  • Storm Clean up
  • Trying to catch up on mowing.
  • Casey asked the Board if we could use another Work One employee to help with mowing. The Board agreed to have JJ Eiler work for us through Work Force Development. Casey will contact them tomorrow.
  • Casey will be taking vacation June 26-July 3.

Town Marshal- Report to be submitted

  • Report submitted
  • Issues with a trailer on Beaver St. We will contact Becky about getting a letter sent out to clean the property up.

Town Attorney: (Becky Goddard)



Donation Requests:

Scott made a motion to give $500 for 4H Sport Fishing.  Bob seconded. Motion carried 2-0.

The Board gave Sherri permission to transfer money from MVH to the General fund if needed until we get our June draw.

New Business:

Next meeting is on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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Robert Gonczy                           Duke Gagnon                       Scott Hivley