June 1, 2021

Attendance- King Clark, Bill Smart, Duke Gagnon, and Bob Gonczy were in attendance.  Town employee Brian Vanderwall was also in attendance. Conservancy Attorney, Dan Blaney was also in attendance.


Approval of the Minutes: Bob made a motion to approve the May 4, 2021, minutes. Bill seconded. Motion passed 4-0.


Treasurers Report: The balance in the checking account as of 05/31/21 is $7075.86.



  1. Utility Supply -$1035.00

Bill made a motion to pay the claim and Bob seconded. Motion passed 4-0.


New Business:

Polk St. Drain

Fix the Tile


Lincoln & Beaver Project

We want to improve the catch basin and grade the corners.


The GIS Company has all maps that are needed.

King, Bob, and Brian met with Randy and Marlene Taden about their drainage issues. We have done everything that they have asked us to do. We are going to find the tile in the alley and run behind Randy’s garage. Then we are going to put in a manhole.

Bill Blaney attended the meeting. He is having drainage issues in his field by Dollar General. Bill suggests that we find the tile and dig into the spur. Then we can see if the tile has been plugged or collapsed.

We discussed the tile at Vic Varello’s house. We also talked about digging the tile up.

There was nothing new to report on the Serrano Tort Claim.

The next meeting will be on July 6, 2021.

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King Clark, President                                              Robert Gonczy, Secretary