March 2, 2021

The Morocco Town Council met on March 2, 2021. In attendance were Bob Gonczy, Scott Hivley, and Sherri Rainford. Also, in attendance was Dustin Gary, Town Marshal, and Street Superintendent Brian Vanderwall.

Town Council

  1. Diane Gonczy has prepared Welcome Packets for new residents. These packets contain valuable information about Newton County. They will be passed out to new residents. Thank you to Diane for putting this together.
  2. The Board is concerned about the water operating account. The balance is low, and we have not raised water rates in years. Bob made a motion to contact Baker Tiley to do a rate study and Scott seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  3. The Planning Commission recommended to the Town Board to accept the Animals in town ordinance pending a few changes. Bob made a motion to accept the ordinance pending those changes and Scott seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  4. Ray Chambers attended the meeting. He is the head of Newton County Emergency Management. He has put together a Hazard Mitigation Plan for Newton County. Each Town ahs to sign off on it. He will email the plan to Sherri and she will get it to the Board.
  5. Jr Yoder turned in a bid for $9300 for the demolition of 705 E. State. The bid needed somethings added. JR will work on a new bid and get it to the Board.
  6. Nikki Kimbrell asked the Board if they could have a Beaver Fest in May. She has a committee. They are wanting to put it up town on State St. They will have a car show, beer tent, food vendors, and a DJ. Nikki will come back next meeting with a plan and a dollar amount.
  7. Sherri presented the Board with a three-year contract from Mad Bomber fireworks. The contract is for $11,000. This is an increase of $1000. Beaver Township donates $2500 towards the fireworks. Sherri asked if they would donate $3000 this year. Mindy agreed to increase the donation. Bob made a motion to accept the contract and Scott seconded. Motion passed 2-0.
  8. Nikki Kimbrell asked the Board if she could do a Hog Roast for the Morocco Police Department.
  9. We will have a special meeting on March 29 to accept bids for the Community Crossing Grant.

Clerk Treasurer

  1. Bob made a motion to approve the minutes and claims from February. Scott seconded. Motion passed 2-0.



A report was made a part of these minutes.

The new truck will hopefully be in soon.


A report is being made a part of these minutes.

Attorney: Becky Goddard

Becky presented the Board with covenants for the new subdivision on West St. The Board asked Becky to make some changes on these covenants and the Board will review. Once everyone agrees on the covenants they will be recorded.

Becky is still waiting on the purchase agreement from Main Street Bakery. Once she gets that back we will schedule a closing date.

We are close to purchasing the house at 705 E. State St. Once we close, we will be taking bids for the demo and tree removal.

Becky is talking with Kevin Madison’s attorney on the purchase agreement for the Old Hotel lot. Hopefully, we will close that soon.

New Business:

The Morocco Baseball Association asked for a donation of $250 for a cotton candy machine. Scott made the motion to approve the donation and Scott seconded. Motion passed 2-0.

Next meeting is April 6, 2021.

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